"I suppose people could call me a liar
A pretender or whatever
But it’s okay
Because I have never cared about what they say as far as the type of person I am
Honestly, to this day, I am still trying to figure things out
I don’t know everything about myself
But I do know that it is no one else’s business
Whomever I decide to confide in is my choice
And if I never decide to confide in anyone
If I never decide to talk about what’s going on in my head
Then that is going to have to be okay
And if it’s not
Then I don’t need you in my life"

GarriNicole (via thehuskylionfish)


I leave because I convince myself I’m doing you a favour and there’s nothing I can do about it because the battle against myself is one I still can’t understand.

Inside the mind of a woman


Leave me alone but please pay attention to me Shut the fuck up well why aren’t you saying anything?